Here is a list of topics I am looking to write about, in no particular order:

Abortion: Pro-Life vs Pro-life (but I do not have the right to enforce that on others)

Electoral College: Why it exists and why it does not makes sense anymore

Republicans….what went wrong (How McCain became an outlyer and Ted Cruz became the main stream)

Environment: Big Business over keeping our planet livable

GMOs: Why they aren’t what you think they are
GMOs: Why they might be the only thing feeding the world

Racism: It was buried, now its not

Fake News: Conformation Bias at its finest

Fact Checks: No One Cares anymore

Healthcare: Right or wrong…we all need it

Cheeto-In-Chief: Why He is his policies just do not matter that much

….there will be more….

Contact me if you would like to write or contribute